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Sa., 13. Mai


Velvet Space, München

mcbw // Laboratory for beautiful failure (EN)

How can we accept and welcome disruption, loss, and failure into our (work) lives, and begin to experience "failure" as a beautiful experience?

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mcbw // Laboratory for beautiful failure (EN)
mcbw // Laboratory for beautiful failure (EN)

Zeit & Location

13. Mai, 14:00 – 17:00

Velvet Space, München, Amalienstraße 71, RGB 2, 80799 München, Germany


Über das Event

Welcome to the Laboratory for Beautiful Failure -

experimenting with a playful and creative approach to mistakes, failure and crises

In a complex, ambiguous and uncertain world, many companies and people strive for control and the ability to plan ahead. However, unpredictability, mistakes and crises are a constant part of our lives. Relying on linear patterns and ways of thinking and trying to avoid failure is a recipe for ill success.

"Fall, then figure out what to do on the way down."  

- Del Close, influential teacher of improvisational theater

In the Laboratory for Beautiful Failure, we experiment with taking a different, playful approach to the inevitable "failure" in an uncontrollable world. We work with applied improvisation to "fail beautifully" and to recognize the chances of the unpredictable and to use them for new development. To master improvisation (im-pro-visus, lat.: un-predictable) - that is, to be able to work with what is present and to make something out of everything - offers the advantage that we remain capable of acting even in challenging situations. And we can even use them as a new, creative source. In the spirit of "Disruption Unleashes Creativity".  

By "beautiful failure" we mean accepting challenges, failure and crises more easily and subsequently being able to deal with the fact that things do not always go according to plan. „Beautiful failure" thus holds the opportunity - with the appropriate perspective, attitude and practical tools - to use disruptions, losses and failures as a time for growth, development and renewal.

The Laboratory for Beautiful Failure provides a safe framework for experimenting with and experiencing successful improvisation, thereby increasing the likelihood of its application under stressful or challenging conditions in everyday life. In this workshop, we complement this with methods from positive psychology, mindfulness, and systemic coaching. We face ambiguity, difficult challenges, paradoxes and most importantly ourselves.

The Laboratory for Beautiful Failure is a scalable approach that we use to help individuals and organizations achieve greater resilience, regenerativeness and resourcefulness through short experiments or multi-day learning experiences.

Here we offer you an intensive short program to start your own 'research journey'! In three hours we will experience different facets and learning dimensions of beautiful failure.

In order to make the lab accessible to as many people as possible, we offer one German and one English language session. Please use the corresponding link to register.

In German, 10 am - 1 pm

In English, 2-5 p.m.

What will I gain from attending the lab?

- More composure in difficult or unpredictable situations

- Increased ability to make decisions and take action

- New ways to handle mistakes, contradictions, crises and failure

- Improved and agile collaboration, mindfulness and communication within the team

- Immediate access to spontaneity, creativity and innovation

- Inspiration, lightness and joy

- Personal lab toolkit and agile methods for everyday (professional) life

Who is the Laboratory for Beautiful Failure aimed at?

Individuals and teams in organizations who...

- are confronted with the current challenges of our (working) world, such as high demands and targets, time pressure and multiple, unplannable variables, among others

- want to find a more relaxed and/or new approach to it

- miss a development-promoting error culture in their environment

- experience a stiff, inflexible approach to minor or major failure

- bear responsibility and decisions

- are open to unusual methods and tools

- want to get to know themselves (even) better and develop further

- act as internal and external experts (HR, IT, corporate development, strategy, communication), consultants or multipliers Translated with (free version)

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