Launch a brand,

not a product

With 62% of consumers*

wanting companies to stand up for the issues they are passionate about, it’s never been more important to stand for something bigger than product alone.

Founders have ground-breaking ideas, cutting-edge technology and wizardry for new products and services. 

But they often struggle to codify their insight and passion into a clear reason for being.

Stand up to stand out


Emotionally connect to customers

Maximise the potential of your ideas

Accelerate your business performance

"To achieve breakthrough success, clarifying a clear purpose – the why you do what you do – has never been more important for start-ups."

A clear business case for purpose

Purpose-led brands create more relevant experiences and build more resilient customer relationships. That leads to stronger sales and increased customer lifetime value. Purpose also bolsters confidence in a brand and business. And what is investment all about if not the belief in future success?

A clear sense of self and reason for being as a business is essential to stand out in today’s abundance and complexity. It’s the inner compass that aligns an organisation and creates the focus on where to build the dream. 

A Tribe Called Humans can help you translate
your passion into purpose

Your business is fast and demands clear results-driven outcomes to increase value. Which is why at A Tribe Called Humans we’ve blended methodologies from human-centred design, design sprints and agile working with a focus to maximise impact.  

We run effective and efficient sprint sessions with your portfolio companies to turn their big ideas into human-centred brands.


And we always make it an engaging, learning journey for everyone involved.

How we can help:

What needs
changing and why

Scoping out the requirements: 


Free evaluation to find out where brand lies as a priority to the business. 


Free check on how well developed your brand purpose and narrative are.

Free 60 mins consultancy session

Laying the brand
foundations for success

Run tailored sprint session from the scoping evaluation.


Some example guiding questions: 

What is our reason for being? What is our brief to the world?’ 


What’s our story and personality in a human context? 


What are the core beliefs that guide the way we behave? 


What value(s) do we create for our (internal and external) audiences? 


Which possible futures do we envision and what solution spaces do we have? 

Guide price is €10.000,- with a maximum 15 people.  


Run as a 2-day sprint session or 3 individual modules for 3 hours each.  

Walking the talk of your
brand ambition

Post Transforming, provide free guidance on 


What do you need to do next? 

What are the short and medium term implications for the business, brand? 


Is any additional external support required? 

Free 60 mins realisation starter workshop 

We can also provide 1-1 consultancy with our team of experts to help shape and build on ideas within a broad area of expertise. The Tribe is an experienced collective of experts including Brand Strategy, Innovation, Customer Experience, Change Management, Design, Psychology, Consumer Research, Science & Education and VCs.  


Guide price is €99 per hour. 

How investing in your brand can help accelerate your growth
and provide sustainable momentum





Meets needs


Low barriers to competition

Tangible assets



Fans & Advocats


Creates desire


High barriers to competition

Tangible and intangible assets


Higher customer appeal and greater sales
Higher investor appeal

Long term loyalty

Higher CLTV and lower cost of acquisition

Price premium

Emotional attachement

Stronger competitive advantage

Higher market value and earning multiples (revenue and payouts)



Image by You X Ventures

3 Day Brand Sprint with a consulting start-up

"It was a great performance of ATCH by guiding us through the process and providing the tools. It's incredible to experience what you can achieve by working focused for 3 days.“  

Matthias  Meischner,
Senior Consultant,  hxi digital 

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