Some of our stories.

Below are some examples of our creative collaborations with amazing brands and people. 

Image by You X Ventures

Shifting from self-centred to human-centred


Supporting Deutsche Bank on its customer-centric transformation journey and the development of their Human Centred Marketing department.

We're currently working with the DB on projects from human-centred brand positioning to creative collaboration to design-thinking projects for proposition development. 

Tim Alexander

Deutsche Bank


Tim Alexander -
CMO & CXO Deutsche Bank

"Not only have you, Bastian, made marketing more human-centred,

but you have set out with us to give us a future as people, as employees and as a brand. You have created growth in us and for us."

Alex Alder

Customer Insight Director


Alex Alder - 
Customer Insight Director Barclays

"I wanted to thank you, Lisa, for the way you have led and transformed our relationship over the last four years. It has been a tremendously positive experience for us."

Image by Christian Holzinger
Linz Tourism

Staying ahead through culture

Helping Linz Tourism to stay ahead of the game by evolving their organisation and culture for more human-centricity, creativity and efficiency.

Image by Evan Dvorkin

Unleashing creative thinking

Using Creative Collaboration sessions focused on real business challenges, we enabled the future leaders of the Bitburger Group brands to develop new creative capabilities that help them solve challenges in a more efficient and fun way.

IT Beratung
hxi digital

Redesigning consulting

Using Design Thinking to develop a new service for a Sustainability Consulting firm.  We helped the hxi to step into the shoes of their B2B customers and create a more relevant and future-focused approach to working with their clients.


Changing the game with a breath of fresh air

Breathing fresh air into a commodotised category by building greater emotional engagement and relevance across the entire customer experience.

Brad, Lisa and Bastian worked on O2’s brand positioning and service portfolio, and helped O2 translate it across naming, identity, physical and digital experience, communication strategy.

Peter Holmes

Global Brand Director

peter holmes.png

Peter Holmes - 
Global Brand Director O2


"Brad has an innate ability to simplify the complex. His approach helped us

engage our teams across Europe in a way that was right for them and

their market, and aligned to where O2 was heading as a brand."

Julia Kreier

Head of PR & Marketing kobaltblau Management Consultants


Julia Kreier -
Head of PR & Marketing
kobaltblau Management Consultants

"The impact of the positioning, Andreas and his team created, was so powerful because all relevant stakeholders of our company were part of this human-centred approach."

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Cheering up ordinary banking

More than just a new product for Deutsche Bank, it’s a whole new way of thinking about money: a digital wallet, designed for the way we live now.

Bastian worked on brand positioning, identity, value proposition, digital experience, social and employer campaign.

Image by Jonathan Borba

Humanising communications

Developing a game changing comms approach, shifting from functional to emotional benefits and experiences.

Andreas worked on communication strategy as well as new product positionings and launches.