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Circle Culture at Work

There are numerous tools and methods to bring more awareness and mindfulness into our workplace and meeting culture. Even more so when we dare to look beyond the usual business horizon and let ourselves be inspired by seemingly distant worlds - like conscious, spiritual communities.

In my private life, I’ve been sitting in many circles and ceremonies with conscious communities over the past years.

In these communities, it is common to come together in circles for all types of interactions - from rituals and festivities to cooking and eating, to meet. These circles are well-designed spaces where everyone is intentional in their interactions and deliberate about what they want to create together.

Experiencing this taught me a lot about mindful, almost sacred ways of communication and interaction with others.

So, when I recently started my job at ATCH, I wondered:

How can I, together with my colleagues, incorporate these circle culture practices into the workspace, especially into our meeting culture?

And how can we translate them in an easy, digestible way to create a more mindful way of working together?

We soon discovered, there are many opportunities to weave what I had learned in circles and ceremonies into our daily work life.

I like to share what we're currently exploring - individually and as a team.