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Playing at Work Will Not Only Make You Happier But Better at Your Job

Never before has it been more critical to bring more fun and play into our daily work lives. When people enjoy what they do at work, they will want to do their jobs well, be more committed to delivering excellence, and indeed feel more loyalty towards their employer. For many of us, earlier this year we experienced a dramatic shift to remote working, and with the on-going situation, we have to review how we work individually and with our colleagues and teams.

Living playfully is proven to help us be more creative, happier, and navigate stress and failure. A shining example is Lego. Play is at the heart of what they do: as their core brand purpose, products, and customer experiences. Lego lives this from the inside out. At their annual ‘LEGO PLAY DAY’, for example, all employees spend the day together playing and having fun. This is their chance to reconnect on a human level and to build better and stronger working relationships and bonds among colleagues. Or as simply put by John Cleese, a well-respected British actor and comedian: “If you want people to be more creative, give them more time to play.”

So, what exactly is play at work? Why is it so important? How do we do it? How can we build the same connections and emotional bonds virtually? It’s definitely a challenge and some think hard even impossible to define!

“Trying to define play