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(Re)awaken a reason for being with BOGNER

Case Study: Purpose and values for the Luxury-Sports-Brand BOGNER


From person cult to brand cult - (re)awakening the reason for being of the premium sportswear brand BOGNER and uncovering central corporate values


A purpose (statement and narrative) developed radically collaboratively from within the company, as well as four core corporate values that link the company's history and future.


Key Facts

Client: BOGNER

Industry: Fashion / Sports

Service: Purpose development | Value design | Creative prototyping

Methodology: Human-Centred-Design | Vision Talks & Story Interviews | Insight-to-action | Co-Creation | Prototyping

Year: 2021

Numbers: 10 Employees from 5 different divisions

with different company affiliation

300+ engaged employees

3 Purpose-Prototypes

25 interactive MURAL Boards

6 digital workshops

1 live co-creation workshop

4 digital retrospectives



BOGNER, a brand with an impressive history and a unique heritage in premium sportswear. Over decades, the company has achieved great success in the fast-moving and highly competitive apparel market. This success was also closely linked to the founder Willy Bogner, whose personality shaped the brand for decades. The retirement of the founder in 2019 brought with it the challenge for the management to further develop the brand from the personality cult Willy Bogner to the brand cult.

The question of the brand's reason for being and its core values had to be answered. Both purpose and corporate values are important constants that give employees support and strength to face and master change with an open mind. And, to show current and future customers the relevance of their own actions.


How can we (re)awaken a reason for being (Purpose) for Bogner to connect and mobilize the company?

Our approach

Why does the world need us as a brand, what mission do we follow? What relevance do we have as a brand in people's lives? Questions that also accompanied us on our 4-month Purpose Journey with BOGNER. We are deeply convinced that the answers lie within the company, with the people themselves.

Together with a project team composed of different departments and positions (Design, Controlling, Sales, Communications and HR), we start the BOGNER Purpose Journey in January 2021 - a 4-month journey that, due to the prevailing pandemic, took place predominantly in the digital space.

What did our work look like in detail? (click on arrow for more details):

"Challenge-the-Challenge" Session

Build empathy

Purpose scenarios and prototyping

Finalize & Purpose Doing Session


A unifying and motivating purpose statement and narrative.

Four new core corporate values that guide the organization's behavior.

Learning journey for the project team through the world of co-creative and digital collaboration.

Implementation impulses for the different activation areas: Proposition, Culture, Organization, Brand


Stephanie Eibich, Director Business Transformation
"I was blown away by the level of empathy and understanding that A Tribe Called Humans brought to the table. Their human-centered approach and creative facilitation skills helped us to unlock our team's creativity and bring our project to life in a way that we never could have done on our own."


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