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Resilience - the next buzzword or a strong driver of 'healthy' corporate cultures?

The concept of resilience has occupied many organizations and people for some time and is going to continue as we headed into the new year. And yet, for many, this word is still a black box. Some time ago, I started to investigate the origins of resilience research. The studies of psychologist Emmy Werner are very interesting in this regard. Resilience or the robustness of people indicates how we deal with crises - in other words - how quickly we return to our original consolidated psychological state of origin after personal setbacks or even strokes of fate. Decisive factors for this are the depth and resilience of a person's bond with his or her close associates (family or friends), the degree of safety and security in those interpersonal spaces - and the given opportunity to develop one's own self effectively. It is exciting to see how these thoughts can be applied to the resilience of organizations. First thoughts that come to my mind.

  1. Companies that are aware of their reason for being in the world and to which employees feel emotionally connected indicates the depth of the bond to a company.

  2. Companies that give room to emphatic leadership creates room for vulnerability and authenticity in the business world. To this end, here is a very interesting article from Forbes Magazine:

  3. Companies that value the development of human-centered team cultures gives each team member the chance to develop his/her strengths and bring them to the team.

Three building blocks that, in my view, strengthen the bond between employees and organizations, allow them to emerge stronger from crises, and at the same time promote physical as well as mental health. A study by the AOK Bundesverband is also very interesting:

What is your view on the topic of 'resilience'? Just the next buzzword or strong driver of 'healthy' corporate cultures?


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