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Upcoming workshop: Ritual Design for uncertain times

How can we design workplace experiences that create a sense of belonging and foster resourcefulness and resilience in uncertain times? Let us take you on a journey into the world of Ritual Design as part of this years Munich Creative Business Week

Rituals have been shaping our cultures for a long time. They influence human interaction and how we connect with each other. They address our sense of belonging, they help us through processes of change, provide us with structure, improve our ability to focus and strengthen our self-confidence. Things that all matter to us in uncertain times.

Not only because of the pandemic, rituals are establishing themselves increasingly on an individual and collective level in the business world.

At A Tribe Called Humans, we strongly believe that rituals can help companies as time-tested tools to face cultural challenges in a more consistently human-centred way - with the result of cultivating more connectedness, resourcefulness and resilience.

In our MCBW Experience "Rituals for uncertain times", you will delve with us into the field of rituals and the process of Ritual Design. Together we will explore authentic, effective rituals you can integrate into your everyday (work) life. You will remember the experience of "Ritual Design" not only as stimulating food for thought but also with tools for taking action.

Registration is open now. We look forward to seeing you or your entire team!


Please note: The event includes film and audio recordings as well as photos. By attending the event, you consent to the subsequent use of the footage.


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