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Bye to the old! Welcome to the new!
Team Retrospective
To Pause. Reflect. Evolve.

Does your organization or team make a conscious transition from one (business) year, or one project to the next?

If your company operates like most businesses, the answer is probably no. And the only rituals you are likely to have in place are budgeting and goal-setting processes. If you’re lucky, maybe even a little celebratory get-together. But does that lead to intentional growth and evolution? Well…

So, let’s turn this transition time into a time of not only growth and evolution but also better business performance.

Outcomes of the Retrospective
  • A conscious moment to pause, reflect, review, re-align and move ahead

  • Gain clarity, individually and as a team, on how to apply learnings from a past period and feel enabled to start new chapters with clarity and focus

  • Mine the past successes for insights you can carry ahead

  • Discover the biggest drivers of your future growth hidden in the past challenges

  • Gain answers to questions like What happened during this time? What’s relevant and what isn’t? Why did we achieve certain things? Why did we gloriously fail? What did we learn? And how does this all make us feel?

"We do not learn from experience [...], we learn from reflecting on experience."


John Dewey - Psychologist
Why you should go the extra mile? Glad you ask:
When you’ve read this and thought “Sounds great! I want that for my team!” – then our Team Retrospective might exactly be what you’ve been looking (or wishing) for.
Let us tell you a bit more...
Our Team Retrospective will leave you feeling…
  • Grateful for the achievements and lessons-learned

  • Clear about your strengths and weaknesses (individual & team-level)

  • Equipped with focus about what’s important and what’s next

  • In alignment with your personal as well as your team’s vision & mission

  • Connected to inner self and your co-workers

  • Seen and heard with your individual perspective & contribution as part of something greater

  • Like you matter and belong

“But we don’t have time for that…”
The great news is: collective reflection doesn’t require a lot of time and investment. Cool, huh?
Our Team Retrospective includes:

Our work together starts with a 30-minute check-in call, to clarify the framework and conditions, and get to know you a little better.


The main part is a 2–3-hour (digital) workshop with your team. We take you on a journey and enable you to start this new chapter – may it be a new year, the start of a new project, or even a certain time in your team-life – feeling connected, nourished, clear, and confident.


  • We reflect, feel into, acknowledge the highlights and challenges

  • We uncover drivers & blockages on personal as well as team levels: What have we learned, where is potential for growth, what do we want to continue, what is allowed to fall away (processes, habits, thought patterns etc.)?

  • We identify key topics to focus on in the future, creating the foundation for important steps & actions to follow

  • We derive personal & team commitments for the upcoming year or projects, that feel aligned for everyone.


After our session there will be another 30-minute follow-up call to support you in the integration of the experience. Cause this is where to real work begins.

Why do this retrospective with A Tribe Called Humans?

Our facilitation approach derives from a human-centered soil in which our every doing is rooted. This foundation enables us to create a welcoming, compassionate space for you to bring your whole self into – and meet each other there. Equipped with expertise and a whole lot of empathy, we hold the space and guide you through the process, so you can focus on the important things of this retrospective and dive fully into the experience.

Need to change but not sure where to start?

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