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Ritual Design

Bringing meaning into work experiences. 

Rituals have shaped our cultures for millennia.
They influence human interaction and how we connect with each other. 


Rituals address our need for belonging, help us through processes of transformation, provide structure & security, improve concentration and strengthen our self-confidence. All things that are important for us humans in uncertain times.

If we look around, we see that rituals are becoming increasingly established in the business world on an individual and collective level. No matter the industry, no matter how big or small the company, whether Atlassian, Roche or Etsy, we find quirky, unique, sometimes even top-secret rituals that create a sense of belonging and togetherness.

We strongly believe that rituals can help companies as time-tested tools to face cultural challenges in a holistic and human-centred way. With the result of cultivating more connectedness and resilience and supporting people as well as organisations in their continuous transformation and development.

"The deepest and most lasting change happens when we have new experiences and then integrate them into the larger story of our lives, and our collective story.

Embodied experience is undeniably the most powerful channel of change.“


Dr. Hillary McBride
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Our Ritual Design approach includes:
The Ritual Design Experience

In our ritual design process, we develop authentic, effective rituals together with you, which can be integrated into your everyday (work) life – co-created according to your individual intentions and needs.


Through company-specific rituals, the culture and story of an organisation is brought to life and made tangible for all people within the organisational system.

These individual rituals can help you...

... to achieve a certain result

... to encourage certain behaviours

... to reinforce beliefs

...  as well as bring about a change in consciousness, mindset, perception and/or behavior

Creativity, personal responsibility and exchange are fostered on many levels. With our workshop we also open up an emotion-focused space to create together and thus experience and strengthen
cohesion and connection.


Our work together starts with a 30-minute check-in call, to identify & clarify the framework and conditions, and get to know you and your team a little better.


The main part is a 5-hour (digital) workshop with your team and us. We take you on a journey through our unique Ritual Design process. Together we will explore the cultural task you’re currently facing within various realms - the body, mind & heart. We uncover human truths & opportunities to craft ideas that bring more meaning into you work experience. We consciously open the doors to co-create unique, authentic rituals that may not only help you to meet the cultural task in a new, holistic way. (Also, this workshop is a whole lot of fun and in itself a wonderful team-building experience).


After our session there will be another 30-minute follow-up call to support you in the integration of the experience. Cause this is where to real work begins.

As an add-on, we offer a 4-week „cultivation support“ where we support you during the implementation process of your rituals through weekly calls.

Why do this the A Tribe Called Humans way?

Our facilitation approach derives from a human-centered soil in which our every doing is rooted. This foundation enables us to create a welcoming, compassionate space for you to bring your whole self into – and meet each other there. Equipped with expertise and a whole lot of empathy, we hold the space and guide you through the process, so you can focus on the important aspects and dive fully into the experience.

Makes sense and just what you need?

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