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We are not the typical agency or consultancy.
We are a global, collaborative collective of experts with wide ranging capabilities who want to pave a more human way for better business.

A Tribe Called Humans was born out of our experiences and observations from our agency and client roles. What we saw organisations were challenged with. And as humans, what we were personally frustrated by.

We believe that the traditional business approach is overwhelmed by complexity and is human agnostic. Trapped in a purposeless path to purchase, policies and processes getting in the way of better creativity and collaboration and decision-making flawed by egos and status-quo bias. And when complexity rises, these conditions become a predisposition for failure. 

Humans for better business.

As corporate ‘misfits’ we value autonomy and self-reliance, but we also seek out collaborative networks. Freethinkers are attracted to communities that lack hierarchies and are made up of independent individuals. And whilst this clearly doesn’t apply to all, we believe that most organisations must become better at embracing our diverse human capabilities. That’s why we have set out to help people and businesses collaborate radically to do the best work of their lives.


Breaking out of the traditional company silos we work smarter, more flexibly and creatively. Giving you access to the right experts for less of the cost. We are insight hunters, sense makers, strategy builders, organisation architects, idea generators, story tellers, experience modellers, psychologists and facilitation acrobats, who have found each other in our quest to make business more human. 

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

A Tribe Called Humans was founded on the belief that what works better for people works better for business. Whilst this is the vision for the outcome we create, it also guides how we do things.


We are practicing and still learning to be a ‚human first‘ organisation every day. A lot happens on instinct. But we find it helps to create alignment and to become more mindful, if we write some of it down. Here are eight things we believe nurture empathy, reason and creativity. Think of it as the beliefs and behaviours we want to cultivate.

Practice compassion and appreciation. Always be nice to people. Help others. Don't work with assholes. No bullshit, no politics.

Be kind.

Enjoy what you do. Always put people over processes and policies. Get foolish. Play is part of our work. Laugh – especially about yourself.

Not so serious.
Image by Rohit Farmer

Be curious and inquisitive. Always observe. Ask why a lot. Put learning over knowing. It’s ok not to have an answer.

Always ask questions.
Image by CJ Dayrit

Build on each other’s ideas.
Embrace other perspectives and backgrounds. Be optimistic and open to new possibilities.

Say ‘yes, and…’
Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Bring your whole self to work. Value diversity. Ambiguity is OK. Radical candour over ruinous empathy. Don't try to fit in.

Be yourself.
Essen teilen

Lean in. What you give is what you get. Ask for help. Be transparent in your approach, views and communication. Offer inspiration.

Share to care.
Image by Annie Spratt

Demonstrate value from day one. Listen, clarify, debate. Decide. Deliver. Get it right, rather than be right. Be pragmatic and hands on.

Resulting, not consulting.
Image by Elijah Hiett

Go beyond your experiences and imagination. Be bold and try new things. Embrace complexity. Be vulnerable. It's ok to screw up.

Get uncomfortable.
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