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What for me is better business?

A business that is able to responsibly reflect and deal with complexities, that goes beyond the simplifications of homo-oeconomicus assumptions.

When do I feel most human?

There are these special moments, when heart and brain connect and open up, when I am really conscious about this very moment - it’s like a flow. Then I feel connected to something bigger than myself.

Jörg Schäffken

Business & Leadership Coach, Yoga Teacher

Jörg is an experienced business person who spent almost two decades in leading functions in major FMCG-companies. He likes to unite assumed contradictions - like going into depth and getting things done pragmatically, like becoming totally exhausted doing sports and deeply meditating doing Kundalini Yoga, like rationality and emotionality or like earning money and doing good.

What am I passionate about?

To get to the bottom of things and, thus, learn together and make a change that has the chance to be sustainable.

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