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What for me is better business?

A business that focuses on its people, from inside out. Where curiosity is nurtured and encouraged. Where diversity is celebrated and status quo is questioned.

When do I feel most human?

When I let go and I stay present with the magical world around me. Preferably somewhere in the nature, with my family.

Kristina Palovicova

Entrepreneur, Curiosity Expert, Innovation Strategist

Kristina is an entrepreneur, innovation & strategy consultant, workshop facilitator, creator, and advisor. She co-created a venture-backed business, digital experiences in cities made by a community of creators in 100+ locations. She took it from an idea to acquisition. She loves finding new solutions from looking at the challenges through different perspectives.

What am I passionate about?

I am passionate about bringing curiosity to my work to unlock authenticity and human potential. I see creative solutions to complex challenges & love bringing joy into my days.

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