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What for me is better business?

For me better business is heart-centered, authentic, holistic, inclusive. For humans, for nature, for every being.

When do I feel most human?

In nature, humbly realizing that I am just a tiny part of this breath-taking creation. In circle with others, showing up as my most human self, with all that I am. And inviting others to do the same. #magic

Lena Brandt

Culture, Ritual Design & Well-being Guide

Heartfelt. Sensual. Intuitive. Creative. Communicative. Clear. Grounded. Brave. Inspiring. Through the fashion (Marc O’Polo) and event industry (TEDx & more), Lena’s path has led her to where she is right now - in the midst of this journey called life. Her heart beats for yoga, women's wisdom, cacao, rituals & rhythms, holistic personal development, mindfulness & well-being, connecting people, and creating safe spaces to meet ourselves with all that we are. Lena aims to build bridges between the worlds and is firmly convinced that economic success, meaningfulness, humanness, and also spiritual ways of living are not mutually exclusive, but benefit from each other.

What am I passionate about?

Connecting kindred souls and creating safe spaces to meet ourselves and our inherent truth, to fully show up, and to expand into our brightest potential.

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