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What for me is better business?

Doing better business is being more relevant and empathetic to people, communities and environments.

When do I feel most human?

With my feet dug deep in the black, volcanic sand of my beach back home. No matter how global or nomadic one is, we all need that connection with our roots.

Lucia Gonzalez de Cueto

Brand and Innovation Consultant

Impossibly optimistic, Lucia not only brings energy and curiosity to everything she does, she also brings extensive experience in building strong and relevant brands.
Driven by the desire to simplify the complex, Lucia help brands establish themselves as simple, digestible, meaningful constructs in people’s lives. As a brand strategist, she specialises blending strategic rigour and creativity to innovate and engage audiences. Left + right brain. Logic + magic. Details + big idea.

What am I passionate about?

That sweetspot between strategy and creativity. Logic and magic. Left and right brain.

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