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What for me is better business?

Business that thrives only if all kind of communities thrive. A safe space for everyone to show up authentically, bringing their whole selves.

When do I feel most human?

When I can be a whole, full of strengths as well as flaws.

María Spitaleri

Brand Strategist & Social Innovation Expert

María is born and based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and envisions a world where businesses and communities thrive in perfect balance. She’s a Graphic Designer by education, a Strategist and Brand Developer by training. Currently, María is attending a global postgraduate program in Social Innovation. She is exploring opportunity areas to offer leaders at highly competitive environments a different perspective on experiencing distress that helps them reflect and transform the way we lead our work environments.

What am I passionate about?

Learning. I am a picky nerd. When I am interested in a subject, I find the way to learn about it and integrate it into my practice.

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