What for me is better business?

When acceleration is achieved through seamless team interaction, fostered by transparent, fearless communication, fun and kind listening. When results are achieved through self-realization, passion and trust. When profits are made by meeting the ambiguous needs of societies and individuals. When organizations are truly authentic and embrace uncertainty as a team, working together as equals, growing together. 

When do I feel most human?

When I push myself to my physical limits, when I can explore the unexplored, when I can stand by another person in the middle of a storm. 

Marta Michniewicz

Product Developer & Health Expert

Marta is an expert for preventive health, product developer, project manager, lecturer and human-centered freethinker. Her journey from treating patients in clinics, lecturing at universities, developing health products for a health insurance company, managing a nationwide health campaign to working in digital health innovation at a venture capital has taught her to work with a human first approach. With her strong experience in the German healthcare system she loves to give advise to founders and startups. Adoption is king. Working with analytical strength, determination and empathy.

What am I passionate about?

Working with people in groups, making windows where there were once walls.

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