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What for me is better business?

A good business for me is when both partners act respectfully on equal terms and have a good deep feeling about the agreement they have made together. In addition, if they inspire each other to reach unimagined heights of cooperation.

When do I feel most human?

When I’m relaxed and being authentic. When I bring my strengths to life. When I’m able to do sports in the nature.

Maximilian Schwarzkopf

Agile & Systemic Coach

Max is a passionate river surfer and if you are in Munich you can watch him surfing on the "Eisbach-Welle". When he's not out in nature, he works as a Leadership & Agile Coach. Very interesting is his thinking about how to lead and train teams. As a social education expert and family therapist, he experienced that teams and families have similar structures, challenges and emotional needs. Inspired by these insights he transferred some tools from social working into the business world and created workshop formats where leaders and teams work together to create an environment of self-management and empathic togetherness.

What am I passionate about?

My passion is to take people on a journey together. I want to inspire them and accompany them with questions about perspectives that they have not yet been able to take in. I also love to work together in a great team. A team where one can achieve even greater things, something that exceeds each individual by far. In me burns a "We" that I want to ignite in others. 

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