What for me is better business?

Business which has an emotional intelligence and is rooted in values like humbleness, mindfulness and resilience. A holistic approach and understanding of society, teams and individuals is crucial to provide space and time to make change happen.

When do I feel most human?

I feel most human when I can contribute my small share to the big whole by standing up for my values and daring to do things differently against all odds.

Selina Meinhard

Innovation Coach & Culture Designer

Selina is a real changemaker and an experienced Innovation Coach with a background in brand, communication, product and digital strategy. She has an innate desire to improve organizational cultures for better collaboration and crossfunctional co-creation – building the necessary environment and mindset to make change happen. As a believer in the transformational power of vulnerability she is an inspiration for our vibe ‘get uncomfortable’.

What am I passionate about?

Inspiring humans to experience the power of vulnerability to develop the feeling of comfort with discomfort.

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