What for me is better business?

Business that is economically successful, sustainable and socially responsible by designing services and products for humans, not for profit.

When do I feel most human?

Either being alone in nature and having the pleasure to experience a rare moment of Satori – or brainstorming together with likeminded coming up with crazy ideas on how to solve basically any problem.

Simon Schafstall

Senior Creative & Brand Strategist

As Senior Creative & Brand Strategist Simon helps to avoid irrelevance. He recognizes trends, analyzes needs of target groups & society and combines market requirements with innovative technologies and ideas to create sustainable and success-oriented relevant brands and develop appropriate communication strategies.

In doing so, he is an optimistic idea generator, thinks big, leaves familiar paths and breaks rules before deriving solid, well thought-out communication concepts & marketing measures as recommendations for action that deliver clear business impact.

What am I passionate about?

Thinking. Ideas. Arguing. Dogs. Nature. Gaming.

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