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What for me is better business?

Better business is obsessed with overcoming human challenges in a way that is effortless, valuable and sustainable - plain and simple.

When do I feel most human?

BBQ-ing in the sun, surrounded by good friends and a cold beer in my hand.

Yannick Rennhard

Customer Centricity Coach

Yannick combines 10 years of expertise in Business Strategy, Ethnographic Research and Rapid Prototyping to help organisations centre everything they do around people. He empowers clients to move beyond technological innovation and inspires them to identify the deep, human problems they’re best positioned to solve.

What am I passionate about?

I want to help teams to really see the world from the perspective of their customers. To take a step back from their daily routines and constraints and to build that human connection that drives better decision-making and leads to really exciting products and services.

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