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"Ritual Design for uncertain Times" Workshop @ MCBW 2022

How do we design workplace experiences that create belonging and foster resilience in uncertain times?

How can brand/corporate values be translated into actions and behaviours - into cultural experiences that employees remember?

How do we create "emotional spaces" that link to the various areas of an organisation and provide support in several ways?

How can we generate more meaningful moments in the company and mindfully accompany the constant change that both organisations and their people are going through?

At A Tribe Called Humans, we strongly believe that rituals can help organisations as time-tested tools to address cultural challenges in a holistic and human-centred way — resulting in cultivating more connectedness, innovation, and resilience and creating relevance.

Rituals have shaped our cultures for millennia. They influence human interaction and how we connect with each other. Rituals address our need to belong, they help us through periods of change, give us structure, improve concentration and strengthen our self-confidence. All things that are important for us humans in uncertain times.

Not only because of the pandemic, rituals are becoming increasingly established on an individual and collective level in the business world.

Together with 14 curious people, we explored what this can look like and how it can work during our workshop "Ritual Design for Uncertain Times" on 16 May 2022, as part of the Munich Creative Business Week 2022, which revolved around the theme #MovingHorizons.

We discovered what rituals are and what diverse added values they can offer us in an organisational context. We then moved from thinking & understanding into action — as our participants developed effective, inspiring, and very unique rituals enabling them to better face the uncertain times in their (business) world. They definitely impressed us with their outcomes.

It was a successful, vibrant workshop with a wide range of impressions & insights that have had a lasting effect on us. We're very much looking forward to continue the exchange and co-creation!

„People will forget what you said, but people will never forget how you made them feel!" — Maya Angelou

This short film by our fantastic partner Daniel Wastl gives a great & authentic insight into the joyful, curious atmosphere that we were able to create together with our participants and fill with life.



If you are curios to find out more about Ritual Design and how it could help you, you can discover more here or get in touch with Lena to schedule an intro session to the topic.


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